Historic Homes in Alpharetta, GA

Touring Alpharetta, GA? If you’re a history buff, visit these treasured homes. Who knows, you might also get design ideas, if you are, by any chance, planning a renovation.

  1. Norman House. Built in 1910, the only persons to live in this Alpharetta house is the Norman family. That consists of Clifford, his wife Anne, and their three daughters. The Queen Anne-style house is built with brick and wood, has heart pine floors and a fireplace in each of its six rooms. The original mahogany mantels and tile surrounds can still be found in the property.
  2. Lewis-Manning House. Built in 1895, this five-bedroom house is still standing proud. The owner was an Attorney, Colonel Tom Lewis. You’ll see rock foundations, heart pine floors, and a fireplace in every room. What makes the Queen Anne Style-house remarkable is the pasture found behind it. In 1905, three siblings lived in the house. And in 1948, Alpharetta Mayor Slim Manning and his family moved in here.
  3. F. Shirley House. Built in the1910 by B.F. Shirley, this house is massive with nine rooms. The house pattern used was Sears Roebuck. It features a veranda and exterior stairs. The original building structure is still intact although renovations have already been done. In 1962, the Alpharetta Woman’s Club purchased the property. They used funds they pooled from community projects.
  4. Skelton-Teasley House. Two of the early families in Alpharetta are the Skeltons and Teasleys. The Skelton-Teasley house was constructed in 1895 for Dr. Oliver Skelton and his family. It has four rooms and heart pine flooring. Dr. Skelton helped treat people during a smallpox outbreak. He was also the first postmaster to be elected in Alpharetta. Their Greek Revival Style House can be found in one of the highest points in Alpharetta.

Check Out the Norman House in Alpharetta

It’s wonderful how once private homes last for centuries and become a part of the local history. Take a glimpse of how life was back then by viewing these historic homes in Alpharetta, GA. Satisfy the history and home design buff in you.


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