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Are the costs stopping you from remodeling your kitchen or bathroom in Roswell GA?

The expenses vary per project but there’s a way you can reduce them without compromising quality.

Here at Cabinet Cottage, our design team stays up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends. We also ensure to offer clients only topnotch materials. You can discuss your options – whether to update or replace your cabinetry – with our cabinet specialists. If you’re only looking at cabinet purchases, we may be able to get the project done in one week. Rest assured that our delivery is always on time. And issues, should there be any, are communicated to you right away.

We are happy to provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to Alpharetta, Milton, and Cumming.

Why Work With Cabinet Cottage?

Our team is dedicated to giving you value for your hard-earned money. Here are reasons to consider working with Cabinet Cottage for your renovation project in Roswell GA.


You want your contractor to be easily accessible, even after the project is done. That’s how our team works.


Meeting your expectations is good, but exceeding them is better. That’s what we’re always working at.


Your satisfaction is our driving force. We do our best to exceed your expectations.

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Please contact us at 770.674.5227 to schedule an in-home free estimate. It’ll be hard to provide a closer estimate over the phone so it’s best to have a professional visit your home for an assessment. Whether you're looking at a partial or full remodeling project, we can provide you with a quote. We can also provide you with design and layout consultation for free.

Our Products & Services

We strive to make kitchen and bathroom remodeling easy for you so we offer various services under one roof.

For stylish and durable custom cabinets, countertops and open shelving, get in touch with our team at Cabinet Cottage. We also assist in selecting the right fixtures for your bathroom and kitchen. When you set up a free in-home assessment, you get a more realistic quote for your project. You’ll know early on how much the remodeling project will cost. Having spent over ten years in the industry, we can help you in ensuring the best possible price for your project.

Our products and services include:

Cabinet Refacing

Custom cabinet designs to match your aesthetic preferences.

Kitchen Island

Welcome the new focal point and go-to destination in your kitchen.

Bathroom Vanities

Add interest to and increase the longevity of your bathroom vanity.

Countertop and sink installation

We can also coordinate plumbing and electrical services when you need it.

Whether you need minimal or major assistance for your remodeling project, our team is here to make everything hassle-free for you.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Ready to see your dream kitchen finally take form? Before diving into your kitchen remodeling project, it pays to do some research on how you can save money (and sanity) in the process. Poor choices and seemingly minor mistakes may cause major problems down the road. That being said, here are tips you may want to take note of.

Be open about your budget

There’s nothing wrong with discussing a budget with your contractor. This also helps your contractor recommend options accordingly. You can also discuss additions and alterations you’re looking at and see whether they will fit right in.

Consider existing design features

While looking for design inspirations online for your kitchen or bathroom, don’t forget to consider your home’s identity. What is the overall design theme of your home? Unique is great, but you’ll want all elements to tie up together in the end.

Check your cabinets

It’s not impossible to spend a lot on your cabinetry. But, it’s always possible to be smart about your remodeling options. Let professionals assess whether an update or overhaul is necessary. Don’t scrimp on hardware. These little details can make the biggest impact in a room.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

A bathroom is a place for relaxation, too. If you feel that your bathroom is already looking worn and dull, it may be time to have it renovated. You need not spend high with the right materials and project partner. Here are bathroom remodeling tips to take note of.

Work with a trusted bathroom remodeling company

It may sound intimidating, especially if you’re looking at a small project. But it’ll be more practical and easier if you have experts guiding you throughout. You can avoid mediocre work and costly repairs

Rethink your vanity

Make your vanity more functional and add character to it. You can design a new one or update what you have with your bathroom remodeling contractor. It helps to have design ideas in mind, but be open for expert recommendations.

Leave the plumbing where it is

Your contractor can also assist you if you need to coordinate repairs or installation of plumbing lines. However, as much as possible, you’ll want to leave these fixtures where they are. Otherwise, be prepared for the additional cost

See Your Kitchen Design Ideas Come to Life

Here at Cabinet Cottage, we not only build long-lasting and stylish cabinets, but we also ensure a wide selection of materials and designs. No project is alike as each one reflects the customer’s unique preferences and needs. We have our own wood cabinet line called Cress Collins where you’ll find more than 25 finishes and styles to satisfy your aesthetic requirements.

At Cabinet Cottage, you’ll receive quality customer service even after the project is completed. If you have questions about your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project in Roswell GA, contact us at (770) 674-5227 and we’ll be happy to help.

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